Everybody wants to be healthy. But even though we know that we should be healthy, life and the bad habits we’ve created over the past few years makes it almost impossible to get on track. Yeah, we’ve all got excuses: work, family takes up all of your time, healthy food seems expensive, or pasta tastes too damn good.

We’ve all been there, making the same excuses and trying to convince ourselves there isn’t anything wrong with the way we are living, but in the back of our minds we’re wishing it wasn’t so hard to be in fighting shape.

Change can be challenging, we know.  Hell, even changing the route you take home can be hard to make!  Stepping out of our comfort zone will make us better in end, especially if you know that your comfort zone is doing more harm than good.

Take a step back and instead of looking at the whole issue, we look at it bite sized pieces (ha! see what we did there?). For example, lets have that after work beer today, but plan on having one less by the end of the month. We understand how hard it is for the average person to follow when things don’t fit into your schedule so we made it SUPER simple, even if it might take awhile.But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day either, but was still pretty damn successful!

The Lazy Ninja’s Guide To Losing 33 Pounds was born from the darkness of these bad habits and is here to help you kick them for good.  What makes this program awesome is that we’ve been in the exact same position that many of you are in right now, but we’ve been able to break that mold.

At The Lazy Ninja’s Guide To Losing 33 Pounds, you’ll realize just how much control of your life you actually have. And don’t worry; you wont have to drop that spam musubi and bottle of Heineken, but maybe consider having just a little less next time around. Do it for yourself, your family, or whatever you pull your motivation from. Just remember that you can do it. For more information visit www.lazyninja.com. And remember:


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

-Lao Tzu